Location & Travel planning

Welcome to Hanover, Germany!

The Locations of the event

The event Computational Communication Science will take place in Hanover, Germany. The training courses for young scholars will be located at the Expo Plaza, the campus of the Department for Journalism and Communication Research. The roadmap part will take place at the “Leibnizhaus”, a conference center in the heart of the historic city of Hanover.

At the center of Germany

Hanover is a regional capital in Northern Germany (approx. 500 000 inhabitants), home of international exhibitions (CeBIT among them), location of four universities educating about 30,000 students. Hanover airport (HAJ) is well-connected to most European hubs including FRA, MUC, LHR, CDG, and ZRH. Hanover is a hub in the German railway system with high-speed connections to Hamburg (90 min), Berlin (90 min), Rhine-Ruhr area (e.g., Dortmund, 100 min), and Frankfurt (140 min).

Planet M – Expo Plaza Hanover

Location of the training courses

Planet M
Expo Plaza 4
D-30539 Hannover, Germany


Location of the Roadmap Conference

Historic Convention Center of Hanoverian Universities
Holzmarkt 4
D-30159 Hannover, Germany


Location of the Get Together on Monday (February 12th)

Kopernikusstraße 14
D-30167 Hannover


Location of the Social Dinner on Thursday (February 15th)

Königstraße 3
D-30175 Hannover


Here you can find information about accommodation during the event.
Please do not book accommodation in advance. We will provide participants with information on the booking process, including the booking code, once admission notifications have been sent.

InterCity Hotel Hanover


Rosenstraße 1
D-30159 Hannover


+49 511 169921-0

Plaza Hotel Hannover


Fernroder Straße 9
D-30161 Hannover


+49 511 3388-0