We offer full scholarship for 50 young scholars

The conference is open for researchers from empirical disciplines interested in the study of communication, including but not limited to communication science, (media) psychology, sociology, and economics. We are happy to announce full scholarship for fifty young scholars (postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students). The travel expenses of these selected applicants will be fully covered to enable participation to both the conference and the training courses.

Date am pm
February 12 R Training Course
February 13
February 14 Parallel Method Training Courses
February 15
February 16 Roadmap Event

Participants may choose to apply for

  • the whole 5-day layout (R-Workshop, 1 CSS method training course, and workshop conference),
  • the 4-day layout (1 CSS-method training course and workshop conference),
  • the 2-day layout (workshop conference only).

To apply, scholars are asked to provide a short letter of motivation outlining

  1. a (prospective) research question in their area of expertise and discussing how CCS methods can add an innovative advantage to this question,
  2. how it advances the area of communication science theorizing and
  3. what, if any, potential computational methods have for the applicant’s academic profile.

The letter shall be written in English language and not exceed a maximum of 500 words/3500 characters.

The Full Call for Participation can be found here:

Application closed

The applications are now closed; letters of invitation have been sent out.